Monday, 2 January 2017


                 Happy New Year to you all and thanks for following us last year.
                   We had a great year and met some lovely new kitten owners.
         We also had some amazing updates and photos of our past kittens.
     Thank you and PLEASE keep them coming. We loving hearing all your news.
      We will be planning babies for 2017 and looking forward to welcoming them.
             In the meantime here are a few of Photos of our youngest ladies.

Our New addition Lunnay Dymka Geliana.
New name Liana. She is Super Affectionate and from Russia.
Liana and Lucy. Best Buddies.
Our own bred girl Lucy ( Anzelika Zhafran )
                 We're hoping they both give us some wonderful kittens later this year.


  1. Thanks Shirley.
    Hope the plans materialise this year.
    One never knows does one ??