Monday, 16 January 2017

New Princess has settled in Nicely.

                       Our newest addition joined us from Rissia 4 weeks ago.
                        Her pet name is Liana and she is growing like a weed.
      Liana is a Black Silver Mackerel Torbie and has a pedigree unique to the UK.
        She will be a great addition to Anzhelika's Breeding Program later this year.
 Many Thanks to her Russian Breeders Natalya Gareeva and Maria Belousova


  1. What a stunner! She's gorgeous and we can see lots of awards coming your way! Hope all ok your end. Love to you and all furry friends :) xxx

  2. Thankyou Debbie,
    She's a real cuddlebug and lovely to have around the place. She's very comical with long legs which she can't seem to control. A bit like a foal.
    Things here are good. I hope they are getting easier for you. Sending hugs x x

  3. Thanks Jackie. Things aren't really letting up quite yet but I can see the possibility of better times ahead. The naughty Siberians keep us smiling and we thank God so often that we met you. My Miele cooker hood, however, is suffering from the attention of a certain spotty cat who loves to climb. I wonder who I mean? :) xxx

  4. It's a slow process but if you can see the possibilty then you're on the road to better times.
    Glad Boris and the always naughty KB are helping to make you smile.
    Hugs x x