Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Teddy Bear.

A Fully Grown Siberian Male is an amazing animal.
This is my 6 year old boy Borenka.
He weighs in at over 8Kgs. His coat is so thick and dense grooming is a MUST daily.
Borenka loves being groomed so that's not a problem.
He also loves being cuddled and sitting on my lap.
So if you're looking forward to having a cute little Siberian boy 
Take a look at this guy.
Such a Poser
The Gentle Giant


  1. He's a chunky doughnut like his son! Boris weighs over 8kg and KB is over 6kg. We can see their Dad in both of them but they both have Rika's colouring in their tales. Borenka is a hunk - gorgeous boy! Xx

  2. Thankyou Debbie,
    He's been dad to many beautiful kittens. Boris is still one of my favourites and I'll always remember KB my little squirrel. Certainly both have very unique personalities. :) x x

  3. our 7 month old kitten (VLAD) certainly looks like his dad and is now 4.25kgs (no fat)...he is developing the "grumpy" look as well. not so gentle though but we love him

  4. Thankyou David,
    Vlad certainly is developing into quite a hunkster himself. At 7 months he still has a way to go. Hopefully his gentle side will surface too once he gets over his stroppy teenage phase. :)