Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Exciting News !!!

A brief update on things here at Anzhelika Siberians.
As you can see by the pictures below 
Anzhelika Zhafran and Lunnaya Dymka Geliana 
are growing into beautiful young ladies. 
Anzhelika Zhafran, LUCY 9 months old.
Lunnaya Dymka Geliana, LILY 7 months old.
 Very soon this little girl will be joining us.
Details to follow.


  1. Hi Jackie, these are such great examples of Siberian cats. We love them all! Hope all well with you. Lots of love from us and the two utterly bonkers Siberians to whom we are still required to meet all their demands! �� Xx

  2. Hi Debbie and thank you for your comments. x x
    Glad to hear your twins are keeping you on your toes after all this time. What would we do without them ??
    Hugs x